While this technology has been utilized worldwide since 1982, it has only recently gained a foothold in the United States.  Variable Refrigerant Flow allows for multiple air handling devices to be connected to a single condensing unit.  The inherent limitation with all direct expansion cooling systems has been that to achieve true zoning, you needed to zone the air flow after it had left the air handler.  With VRF, you zone the air handlers.  In Heat Recovery Mode, it is possible to both heat and cool multiple air handlers all while using only one condenser.  This application is tailor made for projects that have multiple zones and a need for direct expansion cooling.  Hospitals, Guest Lodging, Schools, and high rise office buildings offer the best environment for Variable Refrigerant Flow technology.

Royal Air Commercial has had all of the factory certifications and training mandated by mechanical engineers for all major manufacturers.  Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, and LG.  Our installers and technicians have up to date training on commissioning, trouble shooting, and proprietary control solutions for each manufacturer.